Dear shareholders and investors

Dear shareholders and investors,I would like to thank everyone for your continued support of the CHIC Group. I am Tai Fukuchi, President and CEO of CHIC Holdings.

The CHIC Group has earned deep trust from many customers and users of our services involved in the real estate industry by providing a variety of services related to life (Kurashi in Japanese) over the past 15 years as a comprehensive outsourcer in the industry. We have achieved growth in the process.
We established CHIC Holdings INC. as of April 1, 2021, and made the transition to a holding company structure. The goal is to create a more robust management system aimed at further growth and expansion.

The world changed drastically in 2020. Many people were forced to make big changes in their lifestyle but are trying to move forward with the determination to incorporate these changes into their new lifestyle. The CHIC Group will earnestly approach each customer’s Kurashi, which is the foundation for people in Japan and the rest of the world to move forward, and provide services that combine and refine technology and the power of people.

As part of our transition to a holding company structure, the CHIC Group’s new vision is to create a platform for life a decade in the future and to acquire 10 million users. As we start on the path to achieving this goal, I believe our most important task will be to share our worldview stated in our vision through dialogue with individual CHIC Group members. The CHIC Group’s source of the strength lies in our members, who are capable of working together to solve the problems they face and to undertake new challenges. CHIC Holdings is also meant to be a foundation for each of its operating companies to co-create new businesses, with greater freedom to pursue new ideas. I also intend for us to be a group whose operating companies and their members, who each have their own personalities, make full use of their individual strengths in order to keep moving forward together toward realizing our vision.

The CHIC Group will come together as one to devote itself to meeting the expectations of shareholders and investors. I ask for your continued support and guidance as we proceed.

Tai Fukuchi,
President and CEO,
CHIC Holdings INC.
April 2021